President’s Message

We face serious challenges in America that must be addressed by us as citizens of a free and open society.  Events throughout the world issue a call to defend the values and liberties we enjoy and revere for us as well as for the world. We face division and divisiveness on many fronts. Discouragement reigns amongst many citizens and voters.

We must not give up or give in. We must stay the course. We must not be complacent. As members of the Republican Party, through our various organizations, we have the opportunity to offer hope to our children and grandchildren that the life we have experienced, its glory, its truth, and its wonder, will remain. 

Perhaps the most important thing we must do is remain courageous.  We have seen some horrifying acts right here in our community and it is normal to be afraid of more to come.  But we cannot simply hide.  We must steel ourselves and join together to assure that our community is protected and that the fundamental rights of individuals remain inviolate. We must continue to support our republican political leaders, whether local, state, or federal as they work diligently to move our country forward.

Our country is unique in that it was founded by educated and thoughtful men and women who revered liberty and rationality.  Our constitution was designed to restrict government so that it could never become despotic.  It was designed to assure that while the majority in a democratic republic could achieve its goals, it could not do so at the expense of the minority.  The checks and balances set forth in the constitution on government require cooperation among people who often disagree.

That truly is the heart of the American government.  Addressing the fundamental needs of a nation by way of discussion, disagreement and ultimately compromise.  That structure assures that the pendulum of governmental power swings slowly from one direction to another over time and that the people have the time to evaluate and reverse errors that may arise.

Recently it seems that some Americans have grown weary of thoughtful progress and are intent on revolutionary change.  There is talk of overturning the First Amendment so that no one can speak, worship or assemble freely in order to protect the sensitivities of those who might otherwise be offended.

We at the Redlands Republican Women’s Club welcome your assistance in the years ahead in our effort to restore and reclaim America’s promise.  We look forward to working with you to assure our elected representatives truly respect and honor the trust we will be placing in them to return America to greatness.

Susie, Kathy, and Alise

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