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Being a member of a Federated Women’s group brings numerous benefits. As a member you not only have access to many activities which support the Republican philosophy and assist in electing competent individuals who support the concept of free enterprise, less taxes and limited government but, YOU, as a member of the Federation, have the opportunity to meet those who represent us as well as develop lifelong friendships with like-minded women and men. Membership in a local unit brings with it the support and involvement with an ever-evolving organization established in 1938…read more about national benefits here.
As a member in a local organization you have access to not only events, activities, and education from the local group but also increasing opportunity to participate in forums, meetings, education, and active action alerts at the California Federation and National Federation level and access those websites and receive alerts, emails, information and other opportunities to be involved. and get to know your representatives.

Our membership is on a calendar year and is not based on when you joined. Whether your join in February or September your renewal will be due in January of the next year.

With your membership you belong to two other organiations:

NFRW When you become a member of a local club, like RWF, part of your dues goes to our chartering organization The National Federation of Republican Women. The monies help pay for numerous free activities, emails, workshops and newsletters. You are also invited to join in on the board meetings and conventions and participate in activities at the National Level. Currently $20 of your dues goes to this organization.

CFRW $7 of your yearly membership goes to underwrite the activities of the California Federation of Republican Women. This includes weekly updates on bills wending the way through our State Assembly and Senate, action alerts on things we can do by phone or telephone, access to activities during state elections and access to fellow Federation sisters throughout the state. You are welcome at any meetings of any Federated club and/or can become an associate member of other clubs if you so choose.

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