Redlands Republican Women

Our latest news will keep all updated on NFRW, CFRW, RRWF, RNC and San Bernardino County activities and ways to be involved. We will keep you aware of what we are doing to continue promoting the values of Republicanism in a conversation with our membership and the public.

In keeping with our desire to reach out we have reestablished our website to be one that will ever grow and disseminate ideas to carry out our objectives. We launched the site in early August of 2020 and please keep coming back to see all of our changes and additions.

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I have been a member of NFRW since the late 1980's. Have held several positions throughout my local federation membership and including positions at the State and National Level. I was the impetus to develop a website for CFRW in the 1990's which lasted in its concept for 20 + years. I am a retired schoolteacher and administrator as well as a "workaholic" volunteer. I still find learning things fascinating and will take on things of which I have limited knowledge and try to fulfill the objective....including this new Redlands RWF website.

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